Cesarean Scar Massage

6-18% of postpartum moms have chronic (greater than 1 year) cesarean scar pain -- this is a video on cesarean scar massage and cupping you can do at home! There are 7 layers (skin, fat, rectus sheath, rectus or abs, peritoneum, more peritoneum, and uterus) and they all need to slide and glide for a healthy and happy abdominal wall, bladder, and uterus. Start the massage once your scar has healed, usually around 6 weeks, and reach out if you need individualized guidance via telehealth!

If you had a vaginal birth, you may experience tenderness and pain at your perineal scar. These tissues need to slide and glide, too, and often need a little TLC to do so. If you had a knee surgery or shoulder surgery, you would see a physical therapist who would work on your scar mobility. Birth should be no different. Attached is a handout on how to perform postpartum scar massage for your perineal scar. Start this after medically cleared by your provider or physician, usually after 6 weeks.

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Postpartum Scar Massage.pdf
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