Core Connection: Sidelying Exercise Video (Do 3 days/ week)

This video starts to help you begin to use your breath to reconnect to your core. So often after baby, the upper abdominals want to do ALL the things. When you go on your side, this helps trick those bossy upper abdominals and gives your lower abdominals a chance to get a good workout! Notice how your belly button moves in towards your spine OR in and up towards your spine and head. This is a sign that your lower abdominals are doing a great job engaging.

Notice how this video is actually pretty challenging!  It is a great way to get your lower abdominals back on-board.

A huge problem after birth is that your upper abdominals want to do ALL.THE.THINGS. This creates a lot of pressure at the top of your core canister, pressing down like someone stepping on an empty can of coke. Guess where that pressure goes? Out the weak front pelvic floor or belly button (hello, prolapse, leaking, diastasis and back pain)

This starter exercise looks easy, but it is not! It is designed to turn off your bossy upper abdominals and let those weaker lower abdominals have a chance at getting stronger. If you look in a mirror or your phone on selfie mode, you should see your belly button going in (towards your spine) or in and up (towards your spine and head). Bossy upper abdominals (not what we want) will look like the belly button is going down towards your feet.

Do this exercise 3-4 days a week. As with everything in this course, you should have no pain or strain. Remember on the "inhale" to take a nice, big, 360 breath that goes all the way to your pelvic floor, softening and relaxing your pelvic floor.

If you would like individualized support, book with Dr. Kelley

If you would like live yoga class, we offer that as well. This class targets weak glutes, weak lower abdominals and works on mobility of the ankles, hips and mid back-- creating balance in the mom bod to help you feel strong again!

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